• Our Amplifiers

    Our amplifiers are built with the craftsmanship. We strive on making the best amplifiers on the market today. Whether it be for personal use or competition. so get one today.


  • Need A Rebuild

    Do you have an amplifier that has blown pills, Resisters, or just doesn't work. Send it to No Name Amps. We can figure out the issues and rebuild it and/or modify it to your needs.

  • Our Power Supplies

    We build custom power supplies to handle your amplifiers whether is be 100 watts or 200 watts. A No Name power supply is all you need.

  • No Name Amps Radio Repair Shop.

    When you need your radio repaired, try No Name's Shop first! After using No Name's Shop, we think you will agree that we are like no other radio repair shop you have ever used. Results are guaranteed.


  • Radio Accessories

    radio's, antennas, mics, coax.


  • Our Antenna's

    Coming Soon!